Your route to getaway with nature

What’s new at the manor?

The utility house and the restored mill pond have been put into operation.

We are happy to announce that the newly built utility house, water intake point, and the restored mill pond of Lielborne Manor have been handed over to the public. The following infrastructure is available free of charge...

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Enjoy a free culinary heritage dinner!

Book 2 nights for your holiday at the Lielborne manor and enjoy a free Latgale culinary heritage dinner as a gift. Advance booking is required. The offer is valid until April 30, 2022. The offer includes one dinner for all guests registered in the manor, drinks are for an...

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Have a delicious coffee as a compliment!

Do you have an unsuited for your home, unbroken piece of Riga’s porcelain? Excellent! Make a present for the Lielborne Manor and get a cup of hot drink for free! We will try to preserve and display...

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Discover the charm of the park!

Enjoy nature by taking a walk around the romantic Lielborne Manor’s park in Latvia, Latgale! The ornate 2 km nature trail will take you to the most beautiful places to discover the charm of...

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Looking for an unusual hiking?

A unique short hike with a pleasant drop of the extreme and adventure! Natural ravines and rapid river arches, crossing the debris of stones, trees and ancient ruins will be an unforgettable adventure for the whole...

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All-inclusive vacation

Welcome to take part in a unique 3-day all-inclusive trip, which allows you to get to know 2 beautiful counties of Latvia: Selija and Latgale, to see 2 cities: Kraslava and Daugavpils, to enjoy 2 rivers: Daugava and...

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