Sports events

We provide our great facilities for the organization of sports events and the place for the installation of special equipment for any supplemental recreational activities. To realize any creative ideas, we generously offer fields, rivers, ponds, trees, canals, bridges, roads, and off-road trails! Cyclists, keep in mind that the Lielborne Manor is the only stop for the nearby Cycle Route #35 “Daugavas Loki”.

Perhaps you have planned a boat trip along the graceful bends of the Daugava river and are seeking a beautiful picturesque section of the majestic river? Let us enthusiastically recommend the Kraslava-Lielborne route, with the dynamic flow of the scenic Daugava. Be sure to use the prime opportunity to spend the night at the Lielborne Manor. As a result, you will be full of energy to continue your memorable journey along the charming Daugava the next day.

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