Working hours

For hotel guests

Even if you enjoy the privacy in one of our hotel rooms on a weekday evening, the restaurant is open for you and you will definitely be served a delicious meal!
Weekdays: 7:30-10:00;
Weekends and holidays: 8:30-10:30;
Lunch 14:00-16:00;
Dinner 18:00-20:00 (in summer 18:30-21:00);
Table reservation no later than 2 hours before the planned seating.
Reservations by phone or WhatsApp: 29284480 (Nora) and


For visitors to the manor’s park and other guests of the Lielborne manor

If you plan a trip to the Lielborne Manor, please order meals in advance. If you have at least 6 people for a lunch of two or more course meals, we will try to organise dinner at a convenient and scheduled time!

We are also glad to welcome everyone who decided to come to us spontaneously. There are days when we offer 3-course dinners, but there are also days when we have a bar menu (drinks only) and a small snack or sweets. We offer delicious ice cream in any season of the year though!