We prepare dishes for you from “everything that is fresh and tasty”. Without strictly adhering to one menu, we give preference to what is grown in our own garden or in our neighbours’. If you are staying at the manor’s hotel, we can let you know the the menu the day before, when we have a fresh delivery on hands. We will always offer meat dishes, various vegetables, sea bream, as well as dishes for vegetarians and vegans. Most of the vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs come from our garden – we are simply sure that there is nothing better than fresh vegetables! You will also be surprised how delicious freshly baked zucchini can be for breakfast!


Breakfast: 15 EUR
3-course meal: 35 EUR;
2-course meal: 29 EUR;
Main course: 20 EUR;
Dessert or appetizer: 10 EUR;
Lunch soup: 7 EUR

Culinary heritage of Latgale

We highly appreciate our membership in the Latgale Culinary Heritage Center community. One of the main criteria is the use of at least 70% of local raw materials, because this is how we can truly “taste Latvia”. We have set ourselves the goal of transforming local raw ingredients into appetising, modern and unique dishes. The Lielborne manor is a place where the products of many local farms are turned into delicious dishes such as cheese, fish, quail, delicious honey, and it is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Latgalian hospitality.