Restaurant with the "Real Latvian Housewife"

The Lielborne manor’s restaurant can be safely called a family restaurant, where the owners – Nora and Martins work every day, taking care of delicious meals, local drinks and pleasant conversations about the past, present and future of the manor. When children come to help at the manor – Sabina with a diploma of a cook from the Riga School of Restaurant Service and boys, then inspiration is in full swing, and on the menu you can find many difficult-to-pronounce foreign words that beautifully describe dishes prepared from manor’s own agricultural products.


The manor itself instantly enchants you with its charm and invites you to enjoy a festive meal in the large hall of the manor. The whole world is...

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We prepare dishes for you from “everything that is fresh and tasty”. Without strictly adhering to one menu, we give preference to what is grown in our own...

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"Real Latvian Housewife" theme dining

In 2022, the owner of the Lielborne manor - Nora Poiša, became the winner of the Real Housewives of Latvia TV show! From now on,...

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Let us invite you to enjoy various drinks both at dinner and during the tasting, along with specially prepared snacks. Our appetisers are the best cheese...

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We know about your long journey to your destination, so take some time to make a quick stop for a fragrant coffee in the Lielborne Manor!...

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Working hours

For hotel guests Even if you enjoy the privacy in one of our hotel rooms on a weekday evening, the restaurant is open for you and you...

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