The construction of the Lielborne manor, as well as the campsite, is located in the “Daugavas Loki” nature park. At the moment, we offer our customers places for tents and campers at the foot of the manor’s house and on the banks of the Daugava. Some want to be closer to the manor itself, the mill pond, the children’s playgrounds, and the ropes course. For others, the view of the flow of water and the summer wind gusts of the river are more attractive. You can also implement small tricks with us, for adults or families with babies choosing to stay in a hotel, but for teenagers and night-lovers – in a campsite, thus also saving money, but not rest!

House of amenities.

There is a well-equipped utility house in the territory, which has toilets, showers, a small kitchen, and drinking water. Also accessible to people with mobility impairments.

Waterway, bicycle path, and “Ezertaka

The campsite is on the way both by boating along the Daugavas Loki from Indrica, Krāslava, and Skerškāne and by cycling route no. 35 Daugavas Loki, as well as going on a long hike along Ezertaka. We offer tent rentals for pedestrians, we are “Hiker Friendly“.

Delicious morning coffee and breakfast.

We have the opportunity to “catch two birds with one stone”. Spend the night in a tent and enjoy the whole spectrum of romance, but in the morning buy a delicious breakfast coffee in the manor bar, or even order a “nobleman’s breakfast” and enjoy it on the terrace. A “nobleman’s breakfast” together with a cup of coffee will cost 10 EUR per person. It should be noted that the dinner offer of the Manor restaurant and the goodies of the bar are also available to all our guests.

See you in the “Daugavas Loki”!

Price for 1 night EUR Price for 1 night EUR
One person 5 Dog 2
Child (5 – 15 y.o.) 2 Tent place 3
Caravan 6
Electricity for caravan 5


Picnic areas (12:00 – 20:00) EUR
Children (4-12) 2
Adults 2
Car 3
Bus 10
Minibus 8

Entry into the green zone, agricultural or forest area, crossing the property, or entering areas not intended for visitors: price 30 EUR per vehicle;

Access to Daugava by car, with prior arrangement (T. 28328836. 62103030):
○ for fishing, including lowered boat: 10 EUR;
○ lowering and picking up boats for WATER TOURISTS is coordinated individually. Price from 5 EUR car with boat trailer. Free for customers.