A boat trip is the best way to get to know the “Daugavas Loki” and the majestic beauty of the Daugava River. Lielborne estates are located in the nature park “Daugava Loki”, on the left bank of the Daugava, in Selia. The building offers a view of the Daugava, across the river in the evenings, as the pines growing on the Latgale side burn red in the sunset. We are the gateway to Latgale 🙂


One of the most popular activities for our customers in the summer season is boating. For the first time, a one-day route Krāslava – Lielborne Manor will be enough. For a two-day event, we recommend staying overnight at the Manor hotel or camping and moving on the next morning. The route can be concluded in Ververu Kraja, Elertne, or Slutiški. For sharper and more experienced rowers, it is possible to start a boat trip above Krāslava, for example, Indrica.


We offer you comfortable and easy-to-manage touring kayaks. Your comfort was the main factor in choosing the boats. Kayaks are equipped with two chairs with backrests, in which it is comfortable to sit and rest your back. The boats are spacious, there is a compartment for storing things. In the middle of the boat, there is a small chair with a backrest, it is intended for a small child (we would recommend up to 8-9 years, but it depends on the child, it is not suitable for big children, because then it will not be comfortable for adults as well) or a dog. Yes, the manor is dog-friendly, they live with us in the hotel, and enjoy the park and the boat trips! Prices are per boat, respectively 2 adults + 1 small child.

Everything is simple!

You arrive at Lielborne Manor, which is 16 km from Krāslava or 35 km from Daugavpils (transport from cities and their stations is also possible). Together with the boats and their equipment (vests, waterproof bags, yes, of course, also oars), we take you to the beginning of the chosen route. Before boating, we conduct a briefing and safely enter the river. You enjoy nature, swim, bird watch, go fishing and slide peacefully down the stream.


Boat trips are possible every day, departing from Lielborne Manor at 10.30.

Convenient from Daugavpils.

If you travel from Daugavpils by bus, it arrives in Lielborne at 8.20, – you will have the opportunity to enjoy the “Noblemen’s breakfast” and walk around the manor park, explore the ropeway and children’s playground for children, a couple of hours will pass without noticing! Bus back to Daugavpils at 18.00.

Picnic basket.

We offer to prepare a picnic basket to take away, which includes homemade meat and vegetable snacks (fried meat strips, fried zucchini, lightly salted cucumbers, etc.), sweet bread (flatbread, buns, etc.), and water. Homemade cheese for vegetarians. Price: 30 EUR for 2 persons, 50 EUR for 4 persons.

Routes and costs

Rent for the 1 boat (2-3 people):

From – to Km Days EUR
Kraslava – Lielborne 15 1 50
Lielborne – Elerne 25 1 50
Kraslava – Elerne 40 2 75

Price includes: one boat rent, transport for the boat, equipment, and people to/from Lielborne Manor. For corporate events, prices are subject to agreement.

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