With love from the manor

Welcome to the Lielborne Manor!

I want to say that from our very first encounter with the Lielborne Manor, we felt emotional chemistry to this amazing place. Our family fell in love with so many aspects of the manor. Starting from the squint balcony of the manor house and the green-painted staircase to the overgrown but still marvelous park. From the rapids of the River Borne and the timeworn bridge to the aged millpond and the majestic Daugava. The magic persists in the hearts and souls of our friends and family. We hope you will share the same feeling as us and become a frequent guest of our beloved manor.

I grew up on the banks of the Gauja river, right at the foot of the Turaida Castle. Since my childhood, the beauty of nature for me is all about the steep sides of ravines, covered with violets and lilies of the valley. It’s about the river, the castle and rich archaeological history, rafting and long hikes on the hills and mountains. Arriving at the Lielborne Manor, I immediately linked its special historic aura with my childhood and the beauty of my homeland nature. I couldn’t imagine that all this is possible on the opposite side of Latvia, right on the riverfront of the Daugava in Latgale! I absolutely could not believe that the manor escaped the period of Soviet urbanization. There is a unique opportunity to observe pristine wildlife through the windows of the manor, devoid of silicate bricks and other human activities. We carefully think about improving the manor, making it attractive for future generations. Biological waste is composted into fertilizer for flowering shrubs and organic produce.  Here, you may enjoy clean drinking water from the restored well of the manor.

We are tirelessly trying to delicately recover, restore and polish this hidden pearl on the bank of the Daugava river. Our mission is to make sure that you –  our guests,  may find suitable leisure and entertainment options while experiencing the lush nature in the bends of the Daugava.

See you all at the Lielborne Manor!

Nora Poiša