Restoration of the Manor – with respect for the past

In the process of the Lielborne Manor’s restoration we investigate and search for historical evidence guided by research materials as far as possible as well as apply modern historical methods. We try to make decisions that preserve the historical proof in a balanced way, highlighting particularly valuable details.

We are extremely attentive with the valuable and intricate details, such as the two-storied wooden porch of the manor, skilfully hand-made artisan window panels that shimmer in the sun. Additionally  –  restored doors and the tile furnaces. The roof of the manor has been given an excellent coating with a new roller profile, which is still one of the ancient types of metal roofs. The interiors are painted according to artistic research, creating the most authentic design.

Historical evidence notifies us that the interior of the manor was special and had its own individual style. Therefore, we do not plan on turning it solely historic. We are looking for combining the old and the new items, restored antique furniture and modern appliances. We hope we will succeed!