The Manor's Park

The Manor’s park has long been a glorious place for leisurely walks in divine nature. At the same time, it was an opportunity to create unique gardens, to plant exotic trees and bushes imported from all over the world, to boast guests with the mill and absolutely idyllic landscape.

Explore Latvia and visit the Lielborne Manor park with the beloved family and friends! There you will find the old park and the walking path of 2 km through various landscapes. The park’s illuminated path plasters a circle in front of the manor and leads to the millpond and the waterfall. Untouched nature surrounds you at every step! Admire the protected upstream of the Borne river which is of the EU importance and whose natural flow can be seen from the romantic bridge. In the historical parts of the Manor’s park, you can relax with views of the ruins of the mill, ponds and bends of the Daugava river. Here, beneath the shade of ancient trees, ornamental saplings grow harmoniously with the wild plants. It should be noted that the Lielborne Manor park is located in the “Daugavas Loki” Nature Park, a national Latvian UNESCO site. What is more, the manor is located in the protected nature area of Augsdaugava.

In spring the carpets of blooming violets will not leave you indifferent. The colourful splendour of autumn leaves or snow sparkling in the light of lanterns will remain in your memory for a long time.

A park in the park worth visiting at any time of the year!