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Your route to getaway with nature


The Daugava River is beautiful at any time of the year and the best way to enjoy its majestic beauty is to rent a boat and go on a scenic and comfortable trip on the Daugava! You can choose a route of your desire – from a couple of hours to several days! A very charming section of the river is the 4-5 hour route from Kraslava to Lielborne, with opportunities to pause and unwind with a picnic or a swim in the river. Adventurers, come stay a night at our Lielborne Manor to peacefully rest up before continuing on your journey again down the beautiful and majestic Daugava the next morning!

In the spring, you will see how nature wakes up from the long slumber of winter. In the summer, you can easily count the 100 Latvian shades of greenery. In the fall, the banks of the Daugava will bedazzle you with scenes of red and gold leaves. Plan a great weekend at Lielborne manor and remember to include a walk through the restored park area of the manor! Stay overnight and peacefully sleep on soft pillows, waking up to a beautiful morning with the sounds of birds chirping cheerfully and continue your romantic rafting trip along the Daugava River. 

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