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Your route to getaway with nature

Standard rooms

Standard rooms are located on the second floor of the manor. For your necessary convenience, we offer double and single rooms with your own private bathroom and a...

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Economy rooms

Until renovations of the hotel complex are finished, economy class accommodations are available throughout the Lielborne Manor's house from the first to the third floor. For your comfort, you can choose either double or single...

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Baron's apartments

If you would like an exceptional amount of luxury and privacy, consider staying at the Baron’s apartments. Both two-room apartments offer breathtaking views of the bends and folds of the Daugava river and overlook the entire...

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The campsite of the Lielborne Manor is conveniently located in the ”Daugavas Loki” Nature Park at the mouth of the Borne river in the Daugava river. This prime location of the...

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Free stay at Lielborne Manor

Become a volunteer and live in the manor for free! This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the special aura of the Lielborne Manor and relax in the embrace of the ”Daugavas Loki” Nature Park, without...

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